Girls Geek Dinner a Roma – 3 febbraio

Venerdì 7 febbraio sono a Roma Makers, presso lo spazio Chirale, per incontrare  GGD Lazio!

Parleremo di Moda Agile e di come queste tematiche portano un bilanciamento di genere nei makerspace, dove si fa  tecnologia. Iscriviti



Wearable technology Workshop for SLEM

Last week I was in Vigevano at the ShoeStyle Lab (Museo Internazionale della Calzatura) to run a 3-day workshop about open source DIY soft circuit using Arduino Lilypad with SLEM students visiting Italy for some days.

SLEM is an international innovation and training institute for footwear and leather related industries and offer a 9-month program and several short courses for companies and professionals.

Students worked in groups and prototyped smart shoes using light sensors, a textile pressure sensor we crafted in the previous days and the Folded Slipper from Openwear opensource wearable collection.

At WeMake we provide a series of workshops, courses and training regarding new approaches of fashion production related to digital fabrication technologies. Drop me an email if you are interested!

Here’s some pictures of the thee days:



Explore the complete gallery on WeMake’s flickr account.