eTextile a Modena con FEM

Sabato 6 Aprile ho portato WeMake alla fondazione AGO per il workshop LED&Pins insieme a 15 ragazzi e ragazze dai 9 ai 14 anni 🙂 e in collaborazione  con Future Education Modena

“Sperimentiamo con feltro e luci, sensori, spille e filo conduttivo per creare un piccolo accessorio che si illumina e reagisce alla luce e introduce ai materiali e alle possibilità della tecnologia indossabile.”




Textile sensor workshop at the Eu Parliament

On May 31, the EU institutions  hosted the first-ever EU Institutional Maker Faire in the European Parliament building.


I was invited by organizers to give a 1-hour workshop about wearables, so I proposed a simple hands-on activity to involve participants into discovering the world of e-textile:

“Make a DIY textile sensor” – Smart textiles are fabrics developed with new technologies allow seamless integration of textiles with electronic elements like microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators. Wearable electronics gained lots of attention because they are becoming more accessible to the non-technical crowd thanks to recent open source and educational approach. In this workshop you’ll learn about textile sensors and soft interactions: create your own sensor and connect it with a micro-controller to explore its behaviour.

Here’s a gallery of images about the event:

And some twits from participants: